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Beggars know their marketing mix

Professional beggars irk LakeViewPark visitors

RawalLakeViewPark has become a hub of professional beggars, as the park management is not paying any heed to control begging at the recreational spot.

Visitors have expressed concern over the increasing number of professional beggars inside the LakeViewPark. They said that beggars have made their outing difficult because they have to face number of beggars.

People from different areas of the federal capital rush towards the park, particularly during the weekends, to enjoy leisure time with their families. They have also hailed the recreational facilities available at the park.

The visitors said that most of the beggars were female and children and some of these female beggars are also seen holding children in their arms. The beggars surround every visitor and ask for Rs 5 to Rs 10, said Rehmatullah, a visitor. He said that visiting the park had now become inconvenient.

Another visitor said it was difficult to enjoy in the park or eat at food stalls as the beggars surround them asking for money. They said that the beggars tactfully exploit their emotions by telling stories of their miseries but they could not help all the beggars adding it was responsibility of CDA to take effective measures against the beggar mafia.

The visitors demanded of the authorities to take effective steps to make area of RawalLakeViewPark free of beggars.

When contacted an official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that strict action would be taken against the beggars, adding that the beggars coming to the park are creating problems for visitors.

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