SA’s resolution against CII angers Fazl



Fazlur Rehman, chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, on Wednesday expressed his deepest regrets and dislike over the Sindh Assembly’s resolution against the CII (Council of Islamic Ideology).
During his telephonic conversation with party’s information secretary and spokesman Aslam Ghouri, Fazl said that CII was an ideological institution, having an important stature according to 1973 constitution. “Yet it is quite disheartening that none of the recommendations of CII have never ever been inducted into the Constitution by ‘secular-oriented’ parliamentarians’, he complained.
“CII does not represent any sect, but has always been represented by clerics from all schools of thought, including technocrats,” he pointed out.
He berated elements like that of Sindh Assembly for hurting the sentiments of the very (Islamic) soul of Pakistan, accusing Sindh representatives of pushing the entire Nation towards extremism, through their provocations.
He also held it as quite shameful that Sindh government had exposed itself as a party to the adverse elements, by issuing non-issue statements, in order to salvage, whatever was left of its reputation as a credible legislative assembly.