‘We can’t eliminate dengue alone’


Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister on Health Khawaja Salman Raffique has said that community participation is essential for eradication of dengue.

Talking to journalists at the end of dengue awareness walk from Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMU) Birdwood Road to Shadman Chowk, he said people could protect themselves from dengue mosquito by keeping their houses clean and dry and eliminating breeding grounds of dengue.

The awareness walk was organised by Post Graduate Medical Institute and AmiruddinMedicalCollege.

Salman said as per directions of the chief minister, measures for dengue control had been started in Punjab from February 15 and dengue surveillance, larvae-ciding and case response had been started in sensitive districts. He said in addition to government’s arrangements for dengue control, enthusiastic participation of public in dengue control measures was essential adding, “If people do not remove the hot spots of dengue breeding from inside the houses and keep the surroundings clean and dry, dengue would not be fully controlled.”

On this occasion, college’s principal Prof Anjam Habib Vohra said preventive measures were the only solution of dengue and urged youngsters to come forward for creating awareness against the diseases.

At the end of the walk, Raffique, Prof Vohra and other participants distributed pamphlets among the citizens at Shadman Chowk for disseminating information regarding preventive measures against dengue.






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