3 Pakistanis among 7 convicted in Houston medicare fraud



A federal jury in Houston has convicted seven, including three Pakistani doctors, on defrauding the Health and Human Services Program of Medicare System for $97 million.
According to details, a federal jury in Houston has found seven guilty of running financial scams, given and taking kickbacks and on fraud and deception.
The defendants were two owners of a now-defunct mental healthcare facility, Spectrum Care PA, Dr, Physicians Mansour Sanjar, 81, Cyrus Sajadi, 66 , a physician’s assistant , Adam Main, 33, as well as administrator of Spectrum, Shokoufeh Hakimi, 66, and Chandra Nunn, 35, a group home owner, Sharonda Holmes 40, a patient recruiter, and Shawn Manney, 51, a group home owner, was convicted for conspiracy to commit health care fraud, conspiracy to pay and received related count of an illegal kickback;
According to sources, the Pakistani doctor who owns Spectrum Care was under investigation by FBI and other law enforcement agencies for which FBI filed charges against Dr Mansoor Sanjar and six others.