Women’s parda most discussed topic in Friday sermons


In a recent survey conducted by Gilani Research Foundation Survey, 75 per cent Pakistani men have said that women’s parda (veil) is discussed in their Friday sermons.

A nationally representative sample of adult men, from across the four provinces was used and were asked, “Please tell us if the following issues were discussed in your Friday sermon?”  Responding to this, massive 75 per cent of the men said that Friday sermons discuss women’s veil, 69% said it was about what clothes to wear, 59% of the respondents said the Friday sermon was about the obscenities on TV, 48% replied about America, 43% said discussion was against the drone attacks, and politicians, only 39% said polio was discussed, 38% said related to music not being allowed while only 35% said it was in reference to talks with the Taliban.

Friday sermons are of great importance to Muslim communities around the world. In Pakistan special arrangements are made every week on Friday to offer Jumma prayer and listen to khuttbaaz following them. These khutbaaz mainly discuss the issues faced by the world in Islamic perspective and address the guidelines provided by the holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and Quran-e-Pak in sorting out matters.



  1. Purda ensures control of women's mind and body. Once she is on a leash, the entire family is roped in. It's a clever and handy tool of the Conservative extreme to ensure access to not only the inside of the homes but also eventuallyto the future generations psychology.

    • Indeed I like your approach, and like Like how females in family dress and expose their bodies, I love to watch them and dont mind I do like their brains too. LOL

  2. This is what they have to discuss! only women and women's dressing and their veil. Why do not they discuss women's education and poverty????

  3. I am not sure why exactly I am commenting on this post, I think it's probably cause this post suggests us as a nation waste resources on useless things.

    I have been to many many places for jumma prayer (Mardan, Noweshera, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi) interestingly in last 10 years I don't recall more then 2-3 sermons that discussed concept of pardha (for both men and women). The most discussed topics that I can remember were usually related to current affairs, life of Prophet Muhammad, Jeehaad and Qurbaani. Also, I am no expert, but I always thought people remember stuff they are interested in. So I don't think I'd be wrong if I say 75% of adult male Pakistanis who go to Jumma Prayers consider veil an important aspect of pardh.

    who ever conducted this particular survey either wanted a cheap publicity or doesn't know how to conduct survey (No Offence meant).

  4. I totally agree with Mubeen.At least in the mosques I go to I can recall with confidence that at least during the last one year , the dress for women or men was not discussed.I agree that the author seems bigoted in the opposite way then that of an illiterate fundamentalist mullah.

  5. He said the government would ensure that it creates and pursues a clear, balanced and effective sovereign foreign policy to safeguard the country’s national and international interests.

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