General on sick leave again?

  • Former president shifted to ICU as blood pressure shoots up
  • Security plan for former president finalised, 2,650 cops to man his route


The probability of former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf’s appearance in court plummeted late on Sunday when the former dictator was reportedly shifted to hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) owing to ‘high blood pressure’.

Given his deteriorating condition, it appears unlikely that he will appear in special court for his indictment in high treason case today despite the fact that the court has issued his arrest warrants over his repeated failure in showing up in court.

In the meanwhile, the counsel of former president Pervez Musharraf, Ahmad Raza Kasuri said that the chances of his client appearing in the special court on Monday were 50/50.

Talking to a private TV channel on Sunday, Kasuri said that a situation of confrontation might arise if not handled wisely and added that it could be harmful to democracy.

While earlier on Saturday, Musharraf’s mother Begum Zareen Musharraf was also shifted to the hospital after she developed breathing issues.

On the other hand, the security plan for Musharraf’s expected appearance has been finalised. His route has been given the status of VVIP route.

According to police sources, 2,650 police and Rangers personnel will be deployed in the twin cities. Over 650 personnel will be posted in Rawalpindi while 2,000 policemen will be deployed at different points of the route.

Four different routes have been designed to take Musharraf to the court while the final route will be decided in morning.

Owing to the life threats given to former military ruler, containers have been placed around the court premises to make it bomb-proof.

Meanwhile, Red Zone will be sealed on the arrival of Musharraf in court while all connecting roads will be blocked during his movement.


  1. If you think that Musharraf was a messiah against so-called corrupt system then what did he do to remove corruption? He made NAB in 1999 (already working as Ehtesab Bureau) and misused it to purchase the loyalties of corrupt people like Aftab Sherpao & Faisal Saleh Hayat whom he inducted as Ministers as his cabinet.

    The King’s Party ie, PMLQ was full of NAB-zadas who were swearing their loyalty to Musharraf in return for withdrawal of their cases.

    A large number of his cronies were allowed to contest elections on bogus degrees (eg, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Abda Hussain, Sumaira Malik etc) but nobody could dare point finger during his dictatorship.

    He deliberately led the energy crisis aggravate to make justification for LNG Scam since August2003 and Rental Power Scams since July2006.

    He tried to dole out Pakistan Steel Mills at less than 1/4th the price of its assets to his cronies but was intercepted by the Supreme Court.

    Can you ever imagine that a retired General (ie, Grade22 Officer) can have net worth of More than Rs 4 Billion (including expensive luxury Apartment in central London and Million Dollar FCY accounts in UNB Bank UAE) upon retirement?

    Please stop being selective about your definition of corruption, honesty and rule of law!!

  2. Musharraf acted like someone from “Dumbo kingdom” for going back to Pakistan. I heard he was lured into coming back for a high political position. He took the bait and got hooked and landed into prison. He should have known better, but greed overpowered his mentality. Pakistan is known to kill its former leaders. Musharraf, the hunter, has finally been hunted down. He will be lucky to escape the hangman noose in Pakistan

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