Former top Altaf aide reveals party’s dark side


Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s senior leader Saleem Shahzad dropped a bombshell soon after his membership had been suspended and said that several elements within the party were involved in extortion, killings and smuggling.

“The party leadership knew I have decided to resign from the basic membership,” Shahzad told a private news channel in London while reacting to news of his suspension.

“There is a corrupt lobby in the Muttahida which is against the ideological workers… These elements are involved in extortion, murder, smuggling and other illegal activities,” the London-based leader said.

In a brief press release issued in Karachi, the MQM said its coordination committee had suspended the basic membership of Saleem Shahzad, ‘senior worker’ of the MQM-UK, for an indefinite period for violating party discipline. It said Shahzad would himself be responsible for all matters relating to his personal and business transactions. The party will not be directly or indirectly responsible for these acts.

Soon after the suspension, Mr Shahzad, once considered as a most-trusted lieutenant of MQM chief Altaf Hussain, talked to the Pakistani media in London and said he would consult his associates before taking important decisions.

He said he would also name the people who had made a fortune by illegal means. “There is a long list of things I want to inform the nation about.”

The MQM leadership is facing investigation in the UK over money laundering allegations. The UK police are also investigating the assassination of senior MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq in London.

The MQM did not comment on the allegations levelled by Shahzad who had been a member of the party’s coordination committee, but was removed in May last year, along with several other leaders.


  1. shaszad very brave and noble of you to come "out" – but just a quick question , if what you are saying now, meaning you knew all along of all the nasty things that were going on and were probably a party to all those nasty things going on, does it not make you an accessory to all those criminal activities ? sorry to put you in it son, but you are in it knee deep too.

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