Rafi Peer‘s Folk Puppet Festival starts today



The 11th annual Folk Puppet Festival, arranged by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW), kicks off today at the Rafi Peer Cultural Centre, Raiwind Road.

The four-day festival, drawing adults and children alike, is a celebration of the immensely talented folk puppeteers, story tellers, and local craftsmen of the country.

RPTW director Usman Pirzada defines the objective of the festival as a promotion of Pakistan’s traditional folk arts and performers.

He says that such events create work opportunities for the local artists and their families, and encourages them to develop their art form and techniques.

RPTW was promoting culture and arts both at home and abroad for over thirty six years by holding over 50 performing arts festivals that included 30,000 performers from around the world, adds the director.