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Wattoo doesn’t like the way interior minister speaks

*PPP Punjab president slams Chaudhry Nisar’s assertion in NA against PPP leadership

Pakistan People’s Party is the party of leaders of exceptional courage and determination who rendered countless services for the cause of democracy and down trodden in the face of the worst dictatorship, said PPP Punjab President Manzoor Wattoo in a statement issued on Tuesday.

He criticised Chaudhry Nisar’s indecent and unparliamentarily language at the floor of the National Assembly on Monday yesterday against the PPP party leaders, adding that political legacy of the PPP leaders was the invaluable asset for being source of inspiration to Pakistanis.

He maintained that the democratic edifice of the country today owed much to the leaders of the PPP who nurtured it with their blood and did not care for the political victimisation, torture, jails and exiles they were subjected to during the traumatic days of dictatorships.

He said that the dictators tried their utmost in the past to eliminate the PPP but in the process they were thrown in the dustbin of the history but the party not only survived but also came to power through the elections.

He said that Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and his leadership should be thankful to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto who agreed to Nawaz Sharif’s proposal to bring an amendment in the constitution to become the prime minister for a third time. He is the prime minister of Pakistan today due to the amendment that the PPP brought in the constitution by honouring the commitment of its leader who became the victim of terrorism.

He said that the PML (N) leadership should be beholden to Asif Ali Zardari also who accepted the results of May 2013 elections just for the sake of the continuity of the political process in the country.

Manzoor Wattoo maintained that if the PPP leaders had joined the other political forces that were raising their voice vociferously against the May 2013 elections, the political landscape of the country would have been different and Nawaz Sharif’s becoming the prime minister for the third time would have been ended in forlorn hope.

He suggested that the PML-N leadership should realise their responsibilities towards democracy and focus on strengthening it by building bridges among the political forces and at the same time desist from burning the same.

He said that the people of Pakistan got back their rights after an assiduous and painful struggle against dictatorship and it was incumbent on all of us to save it from the fissures because a divided house cannot withstand pulls and pushes.

Ahad Awan

The writer is a management student and has keen interest in politics.

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  1. C.M.Sarwar said:

    The sacrifices made by PPP leaders have done no good to the common man.In the end Mr.Zardari was the ultimate beneficiary of sufferings of Bhuttos.He has also succeeded in bringing PPP closed to its demise.

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