Committees agree over location for direct talks with TTP



The peace talks committees appointed by the Government and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Saturday resolved to hold direct talks with the militant outfit on a mutually agreed upon a location, a private news channel reported.

The two committees met at Punjab House Islamabad. The meeting was chaired by Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Members of TTP nominated intermediary committee, Maulana Samiul Haq, Maulana Yousaf and Professor Ibrahim and government representatives, Rustam Shah Mohmand, Arbab Arif, Habibullah Khattak and Fawad Hussain were present in the session.

After the meeting was concluded, Samiul Haq, while talking to reporters, said that key decisions were made today.

He added that the two sides would very soon enter into direct talks.

Sami refuted the reports of TTP rejecting the notion of holding talks outside Waziristan, adding that such reports were mere speculations.

The TTP had proposed its stronghold of North Waziristan as the venue, while the government wanted to hold talks in Bannu.

Sami did not specify the exact location for the negotiations.


  1. All this is just delaying tactics and nothing else. Since the past six months this game is going on and the world does not know even today what the agenda of the talks is. This is all a load of crap. Making fool of the whole country.

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  3. I cannot believe all this mambo jumbo, how could Military approve this negotiation, it is nothing but a hoax. Taliban want to earn some time to reequip and find a safe heaven !

  4. Had these been negotiation with Afghan Taliban, we could agree, but these TATA-LIBANS, made by India, in joint
    Indian – Russo venture. Surprisingly these "Munafiq Mullas" including that Burqa Clad Iblees of Lal Masjid are pleading to let off these killers of 60000 Muslims including 10000 Pak Army soldiers. One can imagine their criminal, filthy back ground as to what else they wouldn't do for few devalued rupees. Next time they would plead for negotiations with thieves and pick pocketers. We call them religious leaders. Are we not a Beghairat Qaum?

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