35 die in Balochistan accident



At least 35 people were charred to death on Saturday when an oil tanker and two buses caught fire after a collision on RCD Highway in Balochistan’s Hub area.
The accident occurred when two speeding buses collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction on the RCD Highway.
According to witnesses, the vehicles caught fire as the oil tanker was carrying petrol. They also said a bus tried to avoid a ditch by taking a sudden shift on the RCD Highway leading to this horrible collision among the overloaded passenger buses and the truck.
Edhi Sources said that 35 people died and several sustained injuries. The buses were carrying both passengers and smuggled Iranian oil to Karachi.
Rescues teams and fire brigade arrived at the scene and shifted the injured and the bodies to Jam Qadir and Karachi hospitals. Jam Qadir Hospital doctors said that a few bodies brought to their hospital were found charred and unidentified.
According to police sources, at least 13 people with serious burn injuries were transferred to a hospital in Hub. Two bodies and eight injured were brought to Karachi’s Civil Hospital. Several bodies were transferred to the Edhi morgue in Karachi. The deceased also included women and children, they added. After the incident, the flow of traffic was suspended and vehicles queued up on the highway.


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