Senate body told work on Dasu dam to start soon | Pakistan Today

Senate body told work on Dasu dam to start soon


WAPDA chairman on Wednesday told the Senate’s Standing Committee on Water and Power that construction work on Dasu dam during the current year and the project will be completed at the cost of $4.2 billion.
The committee met on Wednesday under its Chairman Senator Zahid Khan to review the matters related to the Water and Power Ministry.
The WAPDA head said that construction of the dam would be started in 2014 and will be completed in 2015. The work will be started in two phases while two power units will be constructed. 2160 megawatt electricity will be generated from first unit.
He also said that the World Bank (WB) has assured to provide $700 million, ICBC China $2 billion and Deutsche Bank $1 billion. The WB will pay the cost of land for the dam.
Committee said that board of directors were not appointed in power distribution companies as per rules and regulations. The committee sought details about the educational qualification, experience and other matters in respect of board of directors.

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