PPAF directed to provide microfinance to deserving areas | Pakistan Today

PPAF directed to provide microfinance to deserving areas


Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday directed the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) to focus on devising microfinance structures for the areas which have low or no access to microfinance.
“Areas with low or no microfinance should be reached in the layout and the scheme should be devised on low operational cost,” he said while chairing a meeting to review and launch the Prime Minister’s Interest Free Loan Scheme.
He said that the PM had, during his election campaign, announced that the PML (N) will reach to the economically poor population through his interest-free loan schemes enabling them to stand on their feet.
Dar added that in line with the PML-N manifesto, the interest free loans should be rolled out at the earliest and all modalities including structural layout should be worked out before the end of March 2014.
He said that the government will fulfill its promises with the nation.

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