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Bhai was that a joke?

Sanaullah slams Altaf’s statement: Dubs it ridiculous

Provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah on Wednesday condemning Altaf Hussain’s statement to invite army into Karachi said such a statement is ridicules, preposterous and criminal.

“His statement is unwise and criminal and it seems he has lost his mind,” law minister said while talking to journalists. Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) should make their leader understand to avoid issuing statements against the solidarity of the country.

Sanaullah said there is no need to give so much importance to Altaf Hussain’s statement as he lacks maturity and political vision.

While answering to a question, Sanaullah said that situation in Cholistan is under control now and daily-use food commodities are available to the affected people adding there is no need to be worried.

Less rainfall was recorded in Cholistan for the last eight years that led to the crisis of malnutrition and food shortage in district Tharparkar.

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  1. Ibrahim Janjuarajput said:

    Sana Ullah! Congratulation on your comment upon Altaf Hussain, A foreign national, living in UK. State of Pakistan should protest with british state and ask to zip him off. If not then he should be treated as traitor of Pakistan and shut his communication that facilitate him to talks via phone.

  2. Repliki zegarków said:

    Malik mandate for KBD already existed in 1991 Water Accord. However the Water Accord awaits it implementation as now water shortages are being shared instead of future storages of water.

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