Pakistan won’t send arms to Syria: Sartaj Aziz


Prime Minister’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Advisor Sartaj Aziz informed the Senate’s foreign affairs committee on Monday that Saudi Arabia had gifted USD 1.5 billion to Pakistan and added that the country would not send arms to Syria or to any other country undergoing a civil war, a private news channel reported.

Addressing a meeting of the Senate’s standing committee on foreign affairs in the federal capital, Aziz said the donation of $1.5 billion by Saudi Arabia was a “gift for the people of Pakistan which was deposited in the Friends of Pakistan fund.

Sources further quoted Aziz as saying that Pakistan would not send weapons to Syria or to any other country going through civil unrest.

Moreover, the committee moved a resolution condemning the incidents of terrorism in China and also expressed solidarity with the neighbouring country.

Speculation had been rife in Pakistan following a sharp recovery of the Pakistani rupee value, which rose to a nine-month high of 97.40 from 105.40 against the dollar between March 4 and 12, its strongest rally in 30 years.

Reuters later reported that the climb in the rupee’s value was a result of Saudi Arabia’s $1.5 billion “loan” to Pakistan last month which helped Islamabad shore up its foreign exchange reserves, meet debt-service obligations and undertake large energy and infrastructure projects.

Some sections of society were talking about the aid being granted to Pakistan as a reward for the country’s u-turn in its foreign policy over the Syria issue.

Clarifying the ‘rumours’ regarding the status of the donation, Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar said on March 15 that the amount was neither a loan nor was it given in return for any services.

The amount should be accepted with thanks and not be made controversial, he added.



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    The man is so honest and truthful …
    The arms are (not sold?) to be delivered to Jordan (a gift from Pakistan to Jordan which is not in a civil war) …
    Pakistan don't have any information about what Jordan wants to do with these weapons (MANPADS etc.?) …

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