Protest enters 7th day as nurses reject three-year contract offer | Pakistan Today

Protest enters 7th day as nurses reject three-year contract offer

Patients continued to suffer in hospitals as another attempt of Punjab government to convince the protesting nurses failed when the ad-hoc nurses rejected provincial health ministry’s offer for three-year contract, insisting on service regularisation, a private news channel reported on Sunday.

The nurses continued their protest sit-in for the seventh consecutive day to press the government to regularise their services.

On Friday, a seven-month pregnant nurse and her three colleagues suffered injuries when police thrashed them severely and resorted to baton charge at Mall Road.

But it failed to break up the protest. The resolute nurses vowed to continue their sit-in till the acceptance of demands.

They have been demanding that their services be regularised like that of lady health workers and the doctors.

Nurses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have also joined hands with their colleagues, staging protest demonstrations in the twin cities.

The medical staff in government-run hospitals of the twin cities suspended their services for hours on Saturday, leaving patients in suffering.

Their protest was also joined by chief of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed who assured his all out support to the protesting nurses.

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