CII member says giving women right to divorce a step in right direction



The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has recommended the government to give right of divorce to women. Experts say if adopted by the government, it will be a big step towards women’s empowerment.
Allama Yousuf Awan, a member of the council, told Pakistan Today that the council had recommended the right of divorce to women and the couple can agree to the terms at the time of the marriage or after the marriage.
“Once right is agreed upon mutually and granted by the husband it cannot be revoked or withdrawn by the husband,” he clarified.
The legislation as recommended by the council will address the discriminatory overtones of the existing law and if passed would promote the soft image of the country as a Muslim state.
“It is different than khula because in khula wife has to knock the door of the court to seek it on the basis of grounds specified. In case of right to divorce wife would be free to end marriage without assigning any reason,” Awan said.
To a question on controversy generated over child marriage, he said that the deliberations on the question of child marriage were still undergoing and the council had not formulated its recommendations so far.
“The council will further discuss the issue in its coming meeting and then see if it is in position to formulate something definite on this account. As such the picture painted in the TV and debate triggered by it is misleading.”
The council is an advisory body that provides the governments opinion when-ever sought in connection with sensitive issues especially with religious overtones.”
The council holds deliberation and gives advice in the light of Quran and Sunnah as to what is permissible or could be done.
“It is wrong to presume that the council has any decision-making capacity. All we do is interpret whatever is being sent to us by the government for judgement in the light of Quran and Sunnah. It is the government that has to take final decision,” Awan concluded.