Meera hasn’t given up on Captain Naveed?


According to reports received, the Pakistani controversial actress Meera has been drinking lately in an American hotel bar nowadays. Seems like she has not taken the breakup very well.

Sources confirmed seeing her with her American friend in a hotel bar where she was spotted gulping down controversial liquor.

Meera went to America to celebrate Valentines day with her husband Captain Naveed. But after the controversial video of Meera, her in-laws did not allow Captain Naveed to meet Meera. Due to this Captain Naveed rejected to meet his wife.

After that Meera went underground in America. According to resources, Captain Naveed stayed in America for 15 days after Meera’s arrival. And now he is performing his duties in Japan.

While Meera stayed in a hotel with her friend and seen taking prohibited drinks.

Meera’s in-laws confirmed the whole situation.