Shah enjoys lavish lunch at famine-stricken Thar

  • Sindh CM says agreement with NGO backed by Asian Bank, World Bank underway
  • Hamza flays Sindh govt for mishandling Thar famine


Amidst reports that the death toll in the famine hit Tharparkar has mounted to over 200 and relief activities are yet to initiate in the remote areas, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah during visit to the famine-hit region was accorded a VVIP protocol and served with sumptuous lunch.

The CM and his delegation enjoyed buffet comprising several dishes, including fried fish, biryani and tikkas.

Separately, talking to reporters, Qaim Ali Shah said that several steps were being taken to provide relief to those affected by the famine in Tharparkar district.

“An agreement with a non-governmental organisation backed by the Asian Bank and the World Bank is underway,” he said. The organisation will be working on providing vocational training in nine districts that have the most poverty.

The CM added that since livestock was also affected, measures will be taken to improve veterinary facilities.

Many basic health units (BHUs) were either non-functional or working nominally. All BHUs will now be made functional; doctors and medicines will be provided. The number of mobile dispensaries will be increased from 14 to 20, he informed.

He assured that distribution of food relief supplies will start in all districts within this week, and every family will get 50 instead of 25 kilograms of wheat.

Unemployment was a major problem in the district, but steps are being taken to deal with it appropriately, he added.


Hamza flays Sindh govt:

Speaking to the media Sunday afternoon, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif criticised the Sindh government for its handling of the famine situation in Thar, a private TV channel reported.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was thinking to order a judicial inquiry into the deaths.

“The death of all these children must be investigated,” Hamza said, adding that while the Sindh government was busy with festivities, children were dying in Thar.

He informed that the Punjab government was sending relief goods to the affected people. Eight trucks carrying 65,000 kilogrammes of rice were dispatched on Sunday, he added.


  1. How can overseas Pakistanis donate for this famine? I am in Canada and I would like to donate but I don't know the organizations I can donate to that will specifically help this famine

  2. All help to the victims of the famine should be routed thru NGO's who have good track record of service. Here in the USA we hear that THE CITIZEN FOUNDATION is doing good job and the administration is all honest.

  3. A man who tries to conceal his age by dying his hair is a deceptive and untrustworthy man. If he can try to fool people about his age, he will try to fool people about everything. Hang him.

  4. this famine is not a new thing it occurs after every two to three years BUT THIS TIME IT WAS SEVERE DUE TO NO EARLY NOTICE.

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