Govt peace committee dissolved, PM jumps in to talk


The government and Taliban nominated peace negotiators on Thursday met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the breakfast table in Prime Minister house Islamabad.

During the meeting the members of both teams informed prime minister about the progress of the dialogue process.

According to sources, the main agenda of the early morning meet was to bid farewell to their government appointed dialogue committee. The government has decided to dissolve its dialogue committee as the purpose to develop a communication between government and the banned outfit has been achieved, the source said.

Now in the second phase, which is also considered as the decision-making phase, new names will be appointed within two-three days. The source added saying that the names of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, some representatives of ISI and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government are likely to be included.

Though the parameters of further meetings are too early to judge but the new dialogue team would directly hold talks with Taliban and the location of those meetings will be kept secret, source added.


  1. As t the source(our agency) of all this mess is going to b involved in this matter so now i can say it brings some results ,,,may be fruitful in present but more deadly in future…!

  2. God help Pakistan if ISI are now getting involved! We all know how much Hameed Gul and his friends in ISI helped the TTP.

  3. Nawaz Sharif, the taliban lover by-passing committee and bringing taliban side to his breakfast table. I can tell you that his days are numbered. His dream of imposing Shariah through his beloved taliban shall never come true. Lets hope he hangs higher than Bhutto.

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