Rangers pay Rs 2.4m for official’s release



Rangers’ officials paid a surety amount of Rs 2.4 million to a district and sessions court on behalf of Rangers’ officer Reham Noor, who was arrested in connection with the killing of a man.
Noor will be released if the court accepts bail.
During the hearing of the Zeeshan murder case on March 4, the court had granted the Rangers’ officer bail and had ordered him to pay the said amount.
Zeeshan, 30, was shot by a Rangers official on February 28 when he was engaged in a brawl with his estranged wife Shafia.
When asked to explain as to why he opened fire on Zeeshan, the officer had told the court that he was performing his duties on the rooftop of a mosque on February 28 when he saw a woman screaming for help. The official had said that he saw 10 to 12 people surrounding a woman, adding that one of the men was hitting her and from his position, it seemed that the men were attempting to kidnap her.
He had said that the men were pushing the woman towards a black car that was parked nearby, adding that he asked them to stop but they ignored him. The official had stated that he opened fire with the intent to injure the man but ended up killing him by mistake.
The paramilitary force has also maintained that they opened fire with the intent to injure the husband as they suspected that he was trying to kidnap Shafia.
The deceased’s wife had also stated that her husband, along with 15 to 16 men, was trying to abduct her.