Musharraf’s treason case: TTP’s letter read in court, hearing adjourned till March 7


“Dear Sirs, we request that the three of you stop representing Musharraf otherwise we will destroy your children and behead all of you.”


Counsels of former president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf submitted a letter written by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the special court constituted for the treason trial of their client, a private news channel reported on Wednesday.

The three-member bench, headed by Justice Faisal Arab, was hearing the treason case against Musharraf.

Musharraf’s advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri read out the letter written to his legal team by the TTP in the court.

The letter contained a warning from the TTP warned to the former rule’s lawyers, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, Sharifuddin Pirzada and Anwar Mansoor. The militant group warned the lawyers to distance themselves from the case or face dire consequences.

According to a foreign news agency, the handwritten letter said, “Dear Sirs, we request that the three of you stop representing Musharraf otherwise we will destroy your children and behead all of you.”

It was signed by the “people of South and North Waziristan”.

Kasuri said that in case of any unpleasant incident, Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab will be responsible, adding that the special court’s security is now questionable following Monday’s attack on Islamabad’s F-8 district court.

Kasuri said he would not step down from his position of Musharraf’s counsel.

If weak security prevailed then Musharraf would not appear in the court, he added.

Chief Prosecutor Akram Sheikh argued that while he sympathises with the legal fraternity, the courts keep working even during wars
Justice Faisal Arab remarked that the judges too faced security risks and a meeting in this regard was held with the Law Secretary, IG and Chief Commissioner as well.

Musharraf’s lawyers told the court that protesting the court attack in Islamabad, Bar Councils had decided to boycott court proceedings until March 9 and the lawyers were subordinate to their instructions

The lawyers further said that the decision by the Bar Council also applies to the special court adding that they would be incapable of following up the case and hence the hearing should be adjourned until March 9.

The case hearing was adjourned till March 7.


  1. Mr.Reza Kasuri is a brave man. He is used to living with threats. If i recollect correctly he faced threats from late ZAB but stood his ground. He survived an assasination attempt only to loose his father . Secuity in pakistan is laughable. What use are the security people in courts when they did not retaliate but instead witnessed the happening and let most of the perperators escape!

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