Liquor haraam! But what about liquor money?


SC moved for issuing orders to spend income generated out of tax on liquor for welfare of minorities

Inclusion of income generated out of tax on liquor in budget of the country has been challenged in Supreme Court (SC).

J Salik petitioner has taken plea in his petition that liquor has been declared unlawful in Islam and on the other hand income was being collected out of tax on liquor was being included in lawful budget continuously.

The lawful budget is being made unlawful every year by including unlawful income in lawful budget. This unlawful income has proved ominous for the country. Therefore, this year budget be not made unlawful by including income out of tax on liquor therein, he prayed.

As per Pakistani law, liquor has been declared lawful for Christians while it is strictly prohibited in Christianity too, he contended. When the ministry for minorities’ affairs was abolished on passage of 18th Amendment, the fund amounting to Rs 50 million meant for Christian was also ceased. He further said no scheme or policy has been devised for the welfare of minorities at national level, therefore, the income being collected from the tax levied on liquor be spent for the uplift and welfare of minorities, orphans, widows and disadvantaged people. He prayed the court to look into the matter and issue orders to the concerned departments in this regard.