Sketches of Islamabad court attackers released



Investigation teams on Wednesday released the sketches of two of the four terrorists who attacked Islamabad’s F-8 district court on Monday, a private news channel reported.

11 people were killed while dozen others were injured in the suicide bombing cum firing attack.

The sketches were prepared in light of the descriptions provided by eye witnesses.

The police have appealed to the public to provide details about the attackers on 0300-5000577 and 051-9261510.

The informants’ names and other details will remain confidential, they added.

According to the preliminary report on Monday’s (March 3) attack, four men entered the district court premises in separate groups.

Two militants blew themselves up, after which the other two started firing indiscriminately. The firing continued for around 15 to 20 minutes.

11 people were killed, including additional session judge Rafaqat Shah.

The two attackers fled the scene.

A splinter group of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ahrarul Hind had claimed responsibility for the attack.


  1. This is just about time that someone has come forrawd with this idea. I’ve never advocated the idea of a military intervention to out throw incumbent government, how corrupt and unsuccessful it may be. Democratic process should continue so as to have opportunity to evolve over the period. Such an agitation which could result in pass or amendment of bills in parliamant is the appropriate way to bring a revolution. You have all my best wishes.Yet it is a sad fact that I have not heard of this act anywhere on electronic media, nor through social media channels. I intend to start compaigning for it theough facebook and text messages, and so should you. If such an agitation is to happen, it should bring fruits. Otherwise it’d end up lowering people’s hopes further in a peaceful revolution.

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