Peugeot 308 named “Car of the Year 2014”



In the eve of the 84th Geneva International Motor Show, the Peugeot 308 was named “Car of the Year 2014” on Monday by automobile journalists of seven magazines from 22 countries.

After having been evaluated against the criteria of innovation, quality, value for money and design, Peugeot 308 was voted as winner by the Car of the Year Committee composed of 58 members with 307 points against other six finalists, ahead of two electric cars BMW i3 with 223 points and Tesla S with 216 points.

As in normal practice, all the seven nominees for the award were chosen by the committee from 30 new models launched on the market during the course of 2013 and having sold a minimum of 5,000 units during the year.

Last year, the Volkswagen Golf VII won the trophy, being named as “Car of the Year 2013”.

The 84th Geneva Motor Show will open to media on Tuesday and Wednesday before opening to the public from March 6 to 16.


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    Allegedly the fire department said a Tesla model S. was the source of a garage fire in Toronto. At this time the specific cause is unknown. The traction battery and charger isn't thought to be the cause.

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    I think Tesla Motors recklessly located the lithium traction battery too close to the ground without enough protection.

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    Regretfully for the most part the media has been shilling for Tesla Motors. The media needs to hold Tesla Motors accountable. The media needs to scrutinize and investigate Tesla.

    • A sheet of Kevlar under the vehicle to protect the low hung batteries might work out well.

      The raw cost for the Kevlar sheet (6 feet by 8 feet by 1/2 inch thick) would be about $25 to $30. Not much to pay for fire protection.

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