Eleven including two judges killed in gun, suicide attacks on Islamabad court


At least 11 people, including two additional sessions judges were killed on Monday when unidentified assailants opened fire and then blew themselves in a court in the capital city’s F-8 area.

“There was firing by two to three people followed by two suicide blasts which killed 11 people and wounded 25 others,” Islamabad police chief Sikandar Hayat told reporters.

“All the attackers fled though one sustained injuries in the leg and back.”

Twenty-five people were reportedly injured in the attack.

Moreover, lawyers fled from their chambers seeking shelter from bullets as fear and panic gripped the premises.

According to police, two blasts took place inside the court’s premises, one near the chambers of a judge and the other outside another office.

Officers at the scene told AFP the incident began when a defendant was brought before the court and his associates tried to break him free.

Another senior-ranking police official said the incident could be a terror attack but nothing could be said with certainty as yet.

The hearings of cases scheduled for the day were postponed.

Subsequently, police and special forces were deployed in the court and emergency was declared in hospitals.

Policemen collect evidence from the site of a bomb attack at the district court.

The death toll was confirmed by other police officials and the spokeswoman for the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Ayesha Isani.

Roads around the court, located in a well-heeled residential sector of the city popular with foreign residents, were sealed off as police and paramilitary forces carried out a search operation.

The dead include Session court judge Rafaqat Awan and a female lawyer Fiza.


Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Shahidullah Shahid denied the outlawed group’s involvement in the attack.

Shahidullah Shahid said TTP condemned the attack on the court in Islamabad, adding that recent terror attacks should not be linked with the organisation.

The spokesman further said the TTP would not violate the ceasefire it had announced on Saturday.

Pakistan has been in the grip of a bloody homegrown Taliban insurgency since 2007 but attacks within the capital have been very rare in recent years.






  1. Taliban not accepting it but which orgnization has suicide attackers except Taliban or its associate. Getting perpered a suicidal is not easy talks. If the case is enimity of two groups the killers should have tried to scaped but they did not rather perfere suicidal death.

  2. To show good intentions TTP should find out which one of their break away faction is responsible and tell the authorities.

  3. Stop blame games. It's messed up for the last 15 years. Administration is sleeping. They would have known the danger that high profile terrorists should not be trialed in public courts. Special measurements should be taken to protect the safety of the judges, advocates and every one involved in the cases. It's time to learn lessons from past. Prepare the administration for the modern time to use the modern techniques.

  4. Arrest and interrogate Burqa Maulvi. Remove toupee minister and make him Minister for KhawjaSIra welfare only.

  5. A report says that it was not a suicide attack but attack from all sides & attackers have fled.Have they caught some?

  6. English political systèm has come to it's end in Islamic Pakistan, Bandits Politicians Feudals english élites must Leave Now!

    • .
      Whether we need english political system can be discussed later …
      What we need now is the castration of Talibani …

    • The system is only as good as the people who run it. An Islamic system run by crooks and murderers would solve nothing

  7. Whatever the murderer's controllers call themselves, whatever group they belong to or don't belong to, they are scum and deserve to be hunted down and destroyed with the utmost resolve
    Too many Pakistanis have been slaughtered by these creatures for us to simply forget and forgive.

    Today, families are shattered and we should never forget that

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