Protection of federation only through democracy: Rabbani


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Parliamentary leader Senator Raza Rabbani said that the protection of federation is possible only through sustainability of democracy in country.

Talking to media men on Saturday, the PPP leader said the country has bitter experiences of dictatorship, which cost a great loss to democracy.

Strongly criticising the PML-N led government, Rabbani said the government is using delaying tactics and ignoring the importance of Senate.

Rabbani threatened the government while saying that if the National Security Policy would not be brought in the upper house then they will bring privilege motion against the government.

He said that 18th Amendment bounded the cabinet give answer to the senate as well.

Senate is more important than National Assembly regarding National Security issue because it will be passed by the Senate as well, he added. He demanded that privilege of Senate must not be compromised and bring the policy for debate. He said government was neglecting the Senate because numbers of government members were lesser than opposition. He threatened that if the government didn’t fulfil their demand then they, consulting with other opposition parties, would bring privilege motion against the government.




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