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Pak Navy takes control from Danish navy for counter piracy operations

Pakistan Navy has taken over the command of Combined Maritime Forces Counter Piracy Operations i.e. CTF 151 from Royal Danish Navy.

This is the fifth time that PN has been entrusted with this important international assignment.

At a formal change of command ceremony held at NSA Bahrain, Commodore Ali Abbas, assumed the command of CTF-151.

The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Pakistan at Bahrain, Vice Admiral John W Miller Commander CMF and Cdr of US 5th Fleet, Commander Bahrain Navy along with a large number of military and civilian dignitaries from various countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Admiral John W Miller welcomed Pakistan back to the leadership of CTF-151 and lauded the contribution of Pakistan Navy towards Combined Maritime Forces mission in achieving regional peace and ensuring freedom of navigation at high seas.

He also said, “We are once again privileged and delighted to have Pakistan back in leadership role.”

This is the fifth occasion that Pakistan Navy is commanding CTF-151 and I am confident that CTF-151 would continue to flourish under the leadership of Pakistan.

During his address, Commodore Ali Abbas highlighted that Pakistan Navy remains committed to its role in maintaining regional stability and ensuring a secure environment for uninterrupted flow of vital energy supplies to the world while safeguarding the maritime interests of the international community.

Pakistan Navy would be in command of CTF-151 from 27 Feb – 12 Jun 14 before handing over the command to Republic of Korean Navy.


Pakistan Maritime Security Agency has rescued 13 Iranian fishermen, who were trapped in small boats for the past 4 days in deep sea waters off Jivani Beach.

According to details, these Iranian fishermen were trapped as their boat had capsized some 4 days ago, since then they had taken refuge in small boats and were lost in deep sea.

These fishermen had been in those small boats without any food or drinking water and had entered into Pakistani waters after straying away in deep sea.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency upon receiving an emergency signal by these fishermen rescued them and handed them over to Gwadar Port administration.



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