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407 killed in 192 terrorist incidents in February


Around 407 people lost their lives in 192 terrorist incidents during February 2014, a report of Conflict Monitoring Centre said on Saturday.
This includes deaths of 68 security forces personnel, nine razakars, 194 terrorists and 136 civilians. 516 others were injured, including 133 security personnel, 4 razakars, 49 terrorists and 330 civilians.
Security forces arrested 143 suspected terrorists while 24 people have been kidnapped during February 2014. Balochistan witnessed highest number of incidents (83) but number of deaths in FATA outnumbered other provinces/ administrative units.
In 49 violent incidents in FATA, 175 people died, including 24 security officials, one razakar, 132 terrorists and 18 civilians while 59 others were injured including 24 security officials, four razakars, 27 terrorists and four civilians, 44 suspected terrorists were arrested while one person was kidnapped.
In terms of number of human losses, KP followed suit where 98 violent incidents caused 109 deaths including 14 security personnel, seven razakars, 27 terrorists and 61 civilians while 180 others were injured including 11 security officials, 15 terrorists and 154 civilians. Injuries to civilians in KP outnumbered other provinces/regions.
In KP, security forces also arrested 24 suspected militants while 6 people were kidnapped. In only incident in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), two people were arrested while no casualty or injury was reported. In 83 violent incidents in Balochistan, 68 people were killed, including seven security personnel, 1 razakar, 30 militants and 30 civilians while 72 others were wounded, including 31 security personnel, five terrorists and 36 civilians.
14 people were arrested but number of kidnapping stood tall in Balochistan with kidnapping of 17 persons. 45 violent activities were reported in Sindh in which 50 people were killed including 20 security personnel, four terrorists and 26 civilians while 191 people were injured including 58 security officials and 133 civilians.
Security forces claimed to have arrested 29 suspected terrorists. In 16 violent incidents in Punjab, 5 people were killed including three security officials, one terrorist and one civilian while 14 others were wounded, including nine security officials, two terrorists and three civilians. Security forces also arrested 30 suspected terrorists in various operations in Punjab.
Among 292 violent incidents, 194 were terrorist activities and 98 actions were conducted by security forces. In 192 terrorist attacks, 256 people lost their lives, including 68 security officials, 9 razakars, 44 terrorists and 30 civilians while 478 suffered injuries, including 132 security officials, four razakars, 18 terrorists and 324 civilians. Three terrorists were arrested while 24 people were kidnapped. Among these 194 violent activities, six were suicide bombing in which 25 people were killed including six security personnel, six terrorists and 13 civilians while 75 others were injured, including 11 security personnel and 64 civilians.
Three suicide attacks were recorded in KP while one each in Balochistan, Punjab, and Sindh. In 36 attacks, terrorists used grenades, mortar shells and rockets, killing 30 people and injuring 104 others. 27 activities were of kidnapping, target killing or kidnap and killing in which 45 people lost their lives including 29 security officials, one terrorist and 15 civilians.
Violent activities by the terrorists (194) in February were marginally higher than the previous month (189 in January). Loss of security personnel has been recorded considerably lower; 68 as compared to 100 in corresponding period last month.

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