Working with AR Rahman was a dream come true: Zeb


Zeb from famous Pop duo Zeb Haniya has achieved another milestone. Zeb has become the first Pakistaani singer to sing for AR Rahman for movie ‘Highway’. Excerpts from the interview:

You have play backed for movie Highway. How was the experience working with AR Rahman? Working with AR Rahman was an absolute pleasure and a secret wish I never dreamt would come true so soon. On our very first trip to Mumbai, thanks to our Coke Studio songs, Haniya and I made many new friends through whom we got to meet Imtiaz Ali. It was then that we shared our music with him and since then have been in touch with him. Last year on one of our trips to Mumbai we got a call from Imtiaz asking us if we would like to work with AR Rahman on a track for Highway. We agreed instantly. Haniya and I have grown up loving and waiting for Rahman sahabs soundtracks. It feels a little unreal to be a part of one today.

Are you doing any other Project with him? I certainly hope so but nothing yet.

Currently your focus is more on live shows, private album or films? This year I have embarked on my solo musical career and a lot of the work coming my way is linked to playback and composing. Life in the studio is very different from live gigs and touring. The lifestyle, the mindset, the pace and sometimes even the kind of musicians one works with are different. There is loads to learn and get inspired by everyday. I am enjoying this shift and look forward to spending a lot more time in the studio than I have done in the past. Having said that I have a serious performers bug in me and would never want to give up on playing to a live audience with live musicians on stage. So I am hoping for a happy balance between both worlds for 2014.

Do you also plan to do a movie someday? I mean as an actor? Have you been ever approached for any B’wood project?

I have not been approached for any Bollywood film and have not planned anything. However I do sometimes feel that I would never have been a singer if it hadn’t been for my love of acting. As a child I was the in-house entertainment for my family. I loved playing different characters on TV for them. One personality that I was really fascinated and taken by was Madam Noor Jahan. I remember one Eid at the age of five or six I wrapped a dupatta around myself to make a sari and sang an entire ghazal( with all her gestures and expressions) in front of all my relatives. My parents started encouraging me to sing more post this performance and I was enrolled in the school choir. I love to observe people and imagine their lives and so acting has always been a part of my personality that I also use in my singing. It comes in very handy while emoting for playback especially. I have acted quite a lot while in school and college. Last year I was offered a role in a film in Pakistan, which I have accepted.


Any dream role? The actor you admire and wish to work with from Bollywood?

The list for both is too large! I’m quite an ardent fan of Bollywood 🙂

How do you see yourself as down ten years? Something must in to do list?

To be completely honest. I am more of a dreamer than a planner and I have a lot of faith. I work hard and put my heart in whatever comes my way because I feel motivated and enthused this way. My experience has been that this mindset has made me far more receptive to many new opportunities that I could never have planned for. For now the plan is to really do my best and enjoy the wonderful projects that I have on hand.


  1. Zeb from famous Pop duo Zeb Haniya has achieved another milestone. Zeb has become the first Pakistaani singer to sing for AR Rahman for movie ‘Highway’. Excerpts from the interview:

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