Miley Cyrus sparks dating rumours with Jared Leto


Pop star Miley Cyrus has sparked rumours that she might be dating Jared Leto after the duo developed a connection over their love for music.

The 21-year-old singer, who parted ways with actor Liam Hemsworth last year, apparently stayed at Leto`s place some time ago, reported US magazine.

“(They) are hooking up. She stayed over at his house in LA in early February,” a source said.

They both attended Clive Davis` Pre-Grammys gala on January 25 and were photographed talking to each other.

Cyrus and Leto, 42, have reportedly “known each other for a while.” However, their bond has deepened over time.

Even tough the duo have developed a close connection, it is reported that Leto does not believe in dating.

“Leto doesn`t do girlfriends,” a source said.

The `Dallas Buyers Club` star has previously dated actress Cameron Diaz, with whom he got engaged in 2000. They ended their four-year relationship in 2003.

Leto was also linked to `12 Years A Slave` actress Lupita Nyong`o


  1. Miley Cyrus is banging the envelope again, however this time, it wasn't specifically intentional.
    The superstar took the stage performance through her March nine Bangerz Tour show in Milwaukee, Wis. dressed in a significantly exposing clothing that shown up to just be a bra and panties… due to the fact seemingly, it absolutely was simply her bra and underwear.
    Simply no, that's not a new attire; that's the nonexistence of a apparel. After the recital, Cyrus delivered to Twitter to say to her followers how it happened. She confessed that the first time, she couldn't finalized her apparel change immediately enough and were required to run out onstage in her undies once her next track started out to perform.

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