Traffic problems in Model Colony


I would like to bring to attention of the concerned authorities an issue that is affecting the residents of Model Colony, Karachi. This is an equally distressing issue for those commuters who use Jinnah Avenue (now renamed to M M Alam Road), the road that links Malir Halt with Malir Cantt. The road previously had streetlights in working condition; however, due to lack of maintenance, they have been out of order for a couple of years. After dusk, it becomes difficult to drive as headlights of vehicles from the other side obstruct the view. Moreover, there used to be a U-turn on the same road, available adjacent to Mehran Depot, a prominent bus stop located next to the Model Colony graveyard. However, the U-turn was cemented a few years ago. Drivers, therefore, have been going the wrong way to avoid the U-turn that is available at Model Morr, the next turning after Mehran Depot. Driving on the wrong side is not only unlawful but also dangerous as cars head into incoming traffic. It has been creating traffic congestions as well. It is my humble request to the concerned authorities to repair the streetlights at the earliest and if possible, create a U-turn near Mehran Depot, so that drivers don’t have to slither their way into incoming traffic. This extra U-turn will also ease the flow of traffic at the Model Morr U-turn.