Three Indian spies arrested while crossing border



Law enforcement agencies (LAEs) have arrested at least three persons suspected of spying for India on Thursday.

According to sources, three alleged spies namely Kashif, Umair and Shah Zain were arrested from Kasur while trying to cross border back into Indian Territory.

Sources said that Indian currency, sensitive documents, maps and pictures have been recovered from their possession. It is suspected that they were undercover agents of Indian intelligence agencies.

The forces shifted them to undisclosed location for further interrogation.



  1. Oh yes, maps. India needs maps. Particularly those published by Pakistan Tourism Board, the best and most precise maps in the world. Because India is so backward that it doesn't know about Google Maps. Not mentioning spy satellites that India doesn't certainly have. Oh, and did I forget about the illegal act of taking Indian currency to India? Yihee, down with those ugly spies!

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