Taliban likely to announce ceasefire soon



Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) nominated committee’s spokesman Yousuf Shah anticipated that the Taliban will soon announce ceasefire.

He was talking to media on Sunday where he said that the meeting of Taliban shura (council) regarding announcement of ceasefire was underway, however, he added that it could not be specified when the meeting would end.

He further termed it premature to say anything about decisions of the Taliban shura. He informed that Taliban shura is underway, presided over by Qari Shakil, to discuss ceasefire.

He said Taliban will soon announce ceasefire in order to keep the dialogue process going.

The Taliban committee member said they had demanded for a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and military leadership, however, they had not been given response yet.

Meanwhile, Taliban-nominated committee and government committee for peace talks also had a contact wherein they discussed matters pertaining to ceasefire.

A committee member, requesting anonymity, said a meeting might be called tomorrow (Monday) to reach a final decision on ceasefire issue.

Amid an ongoing peace talks’ between the government and the Taliban, a police van was targeted in a blast on Thursday (February 13) in Karachi, killing at least 13 police personnel. TTP claimed the responsibility of the attack terming it as a revenge activity.


  1. Taliban are Pakistani nationals. It would be highly desirable that join the mainstream Pakistani nation. They must cease fire and so does the elements in the government engaged in reprisals .

    Taliban are brave and highly loyal to the cause. It is sad that they along with with Afghans became a fodder for the war in one of the greatest tragedies of the modern times. I would like them to ask the government to provide them health and education facilities for their families and their children. They must ask the government to create job opportunities for the people of their area. I would ask them to agree on certain time scales.

    I live in a a district of England the population of which is 1,70,000. We have 22 mosques here with atleast 2500 children attending evening schools for Islamic teaching (Madrassas). There are Hifz classes from an early age. There are special Ulema courses lasting 5 years but people respect the law of the land without which there will be anarchy.

  2. The government should have asked for ceasefire to be their #1 condition to even consider talking to these taliban,I'm just sick of all this,either stop killing the innocent people or prepare to die,that should be the message of this useless government to the taliban.

  3. They are involved in negotiation at on side and kept their terrorist activity going on the other. How the government idiots can trust them. I am dumb founded on their level of intellect

  4. A cease fire agreement would be welcomed but can it be enforced?…and who will enforce it?…will the mullahs actually start calling for peace or will death to all apostates and the kafir be what they preach?…if the Taliban mullahs can stop the war through dialogue we will all be surprised and Pakistan could lead the world in Muslim diplomacy?….let's see what happens…

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