White Lies


And a new king holds court. What of the old courtiers? And which new ones are to move forward?

At the Sindh cultural festival held under the supervision of Bilawal Bhutto, there were a number of conspicuous absences. And of those present, many were not given the protocol they thought they deserved. This included a key member of the party who was given some pretty choice appointments.

She let her displeasure be known and an attempt was made to placate her at a fashion show held under the same festival.

Meanwhile, some socialites certainly do have the ear of the boy-king. This swish lot is expected to play a role – positive or negative, not known – in the future.


The prudish lot that now runs the federal, Punjab and KP governments don’t take well to St Valentine’s day.

The Jamaat-e-Islami organised Haya Day functions throughout the country. And, since, they also run KP, the event got more traction there.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, there is a directive – authenticity not known – by the chief minister of the Punjab advising parents to keep a check on their daughters (the sons can do whatever they want, apparently) on this day.

But, also on FB, much Valentine’s Day related humour is doing the rounds. Did you know, asks one joke, that the day has its origins in the Punjab. When wives were upset with their husbands, they used to beat them with their velans (rolling pin used to make bread) and to avoid this, men used to give them gifts. In time, this became known as ValenTime and through the centuries of linguistic evolution, Valentine’s! So celebrate this day! It belongs to us!