Security for Kalash tribe after Taliban threat


Taliban threats to target the indigenous Kalash tribe and Ismaili Muslims have prompted authorities to put in place a four-tier security system in the northwestern Chitral Valley, a top police official said on Friday.

“We have a four-tier security arrangement,” said Ghulam Hussain, police chief of the picturesque region in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province that is a popular tourist destination.

The Pakistan Army is among security forces deployed in Chitral Valley, which is home to the polytheistic tribe. The Kalash claim descent from Alexander the Great and have maintained separate cultural traditions for centuries.

The Taliban threat to target the Kalash and Ismaili Muslims was made in a 52-minute video that recently surfaced on a jihadi website. It was not clear when the video was made as it contains a reference to former army chief Pervez Musharraf’s “dream” to stand for elections from Chitral.

Musharraf was barred from contesting polls by a court before last year’s general election in May.

“I am not sure when this video was made but the Taliban had issued a similar video in 2011. We have put in place extensive security arrangements,” Hussain told PTI.

Since the region is frequented by foreign tourists, security has always been on high alert.

“It is fool-proof as we have snow-capped mountains on one side. The army is stationed at the bottom and the entry routes into the valley are secured through strict checking,” he said.

Asked about the Taliban threat to Ismailis and NGOs in the area, Hussain said security is provided to prayer houses and charity organisations.

Chitral Valley is the northern-most district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. It is part of Malakand division that was once dominated by the moderate Ismailis.

The Taliban claimed 70 per cent of people in the area are Muslims while the rest are Ismailis and Kalash. The video warned the Kalash to convert to Islam.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan also criticised charitable work done by the Aga Khan, the Ismailis’ spiritual leader, claiming schools and colleges run by the Aga Khan Foundation were “brainwashing” young men and women.

The video further claimed the foundation’s schools and hospitals were “espionage tools” for foreign powers, and accused NGOs of creating an “Israel-like state” in Chitral.


  1. Who gave Taliban’s the authority to kill non- Muslims? God has created all living in this world so God is the ultimate power. He gives the gift of life to all and He is the only one who should be able to take this gift back as He wishes. No one beside God can kill any one just because they do not follow the laws created by Taliban’s.

    • The Taliban are not against the particular religion. They are against the stooges playing in the hands of foreign power.

      • no zahid. Clear your ignorance.
        I'm supporting peace.
        But this is clear cut extremism from the Taliban.
        Islam doesn't say to slaughter innocents just because they possess a different faith from me and you.
        The taliban are clearly against a particular religion given that they have announced death threats to Kalash.

  2. Absolutely disgusting that these TTP murderers want to control the beliefs of the Kalash…who do they think they are??..Pakistan is making a big mistake by negotiating with these barbarians who terrorize the people in the name of their version of Islam…if the government will not stand up to these terrorists the country is going to fail soon…

  3. Kalash people should be armed and Pakistan to protect and sevure Kalash Valley. If kalashi wants to get.back to their land of ancestors , Macedonia will embrace and will help them if any of them would like to resetle and get.back to Macedonua after 2300 years when their ancestors left macedonia with Alexandets yhe great army .
    Taliban should either be educated to get back to reality or face drones until total destruction.

  4. First of all i would to let all people know Ismailies are Muslim. Ismailism is one the sect of Islam.
    They are Highly Educated and respected all over the world.

  5. Ismailies is one of communities in islam peace full and success and highly educated .Aga Khan, the Ismailis’ spiritual leader, working not just muslim but work for all over the world.

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