N’s Sindh info secy seeks end to traffic chaos


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Sindh Information Secretary Ali Akhter Gujjar has urged the concerned authorities to streamline traffic flow in Karachi.

In a statement on Monday he warned that any delay in required measures would turn the existent chaos on the city roads towards possible closure of businesses.

Access to down town as well as to commercial centres scattered across Karachi has emerged to be a serious issue with direct bearing on mental and emotional well being of the citizens.

This is besides the rampant loss of fuel, that is already witnessed to be getting dearer with every passing day, said the political activist.

Gujjar said the PML-N realising its responsibility towards the people of Sindh, without trespassing the authority of provincial government, is keen to help the citizens of Sindh.

“For the purpose series of welfare schemes are being chalked out including data compilation of educated youth and also of those who may be unemployed,” said Gujjar.

He said his party would also ask its parliamentarians to divert their funds towards development in Sindh.

To ensure that these development funds are adequately utilised the provincial chapter of PML-N was said to be in a process to assess available educational and healthcare facilities to the people of rural and semi urban areas.

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