FIA leading LPG case in wrong direction: SC


The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday rejected FIA report in LPG review case, saying that the FIA was leading the case in a wrong direction.
A five-member larger bench of SC, led by Justice Nasirul Mulk, took up the case for hearing.
The SC said, “If FIA does not want to demonstrate seriousness then it should tell us and we may assign the investigations to some other institution.”
FIA Director Zahir appeared in the court. The court inquired, “What action has been taken by you so far in this case?”
Justice Mulk inquired, “Have the interviews of members of parliament standing committee been taken?”
The FIA director said, “FIA is taking action. We had sent letter to standing committee but no reply was given. We are also facing difficulties due to non-availability of correct home addresses of members of board of Sui Northern Gas Company.”
The court took notice of delay in the investigation.
Justice Jawwad S Khawaja said, “If you cannot investigate then tell us and we may assign this duty to some other institution.”
Justice Gulzar Ahmad said, “Investigations are being misled. Nothing has been done in the investigations except completing paper formalities.”
Aitzaz Ahsan, appearing on behalf of companies, said he had not appeared earlier due to former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and nor had he given arguments.
Justice Mulk remarked, “The SC rules don’t allow second lawyer to appear in appeal plea. Let us decide about maintainability of review petition first.”
The court sought arguments from Ahsan on the issue of change of lawyer.
The court referred the case to the chief justice of Pakistan for formation of a new bench in the case and adjourned the hearing until February 13.