Pakistan not content with temporary halt to drones


Pakistan on Thursday said it wanted complete halt of US drone attacks in the future.
In her weekly briefing, Foreign Office spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said Pakistan’s stance over drone strikes was lucid that they were unacceptable as they kill innocent people and were a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.
She said Pakistan has consistently discussed this issue with the United States and demanded that these violations of territory should stop.
She said, “Our voice on drones has also been endorsed by the international community.” She said Pakistan also welcome US President Obama’s statement regarding drone attacks.
Regarding the question of UN Security Council’s resolutions on Kashmir, the spokeswoman said, “How one country can decide that these resolutions are not valid?”
She said at the United Nations, the member states condemned the countries for violating UN resolutions.
She said if at some point Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris would reach an agreement on the settlement of Kashmir issue, then they would have to go to UN Security Council to endorse that decisions and bring another resolution to endorse the new procedure.
To a question, she said bus service on Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir has been restored while it is expected that truck service would be restored soon.
She said Pakistan has accepted Indian proposal of early convening of working group to discuss LoC trade in order to revisit the modalities in this regard.
Tasnim said Pakistan wanted to resolve all disputes with India through dialogue for sustainable peace in the region.
To a question on visits of Saudi high-ups, she said that Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman would reach Pakistan on Friday (today) on a two-day visit. She said during his stay, he would meet the PM and other officials.
Regarding Nawaz Sharif’s proposed Turkey visit to attend tri-lateral summit, she said details would be announced before the visit.
She, however, said if visit took place, the PM would be participating in business meetings beside trilateral talks.
To a question on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, she said project still existed, however, there were some technicalities regarding its timeframe and financing which needed to be discussed with Iran.
She said realistically Pakistan was seeking new timeframe for the completion of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.
Commenting on negotiating with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, she said it was not in the jurisdiction of the Foreign Office as it was an internal issue.
On the question of death of Indian fisherman in Landhi jail, Karachi, she said he was ill for quite sometime. She said efforts were being made for repatriation of the body.