Low-paced carts a menace


Rising number of carts in the capital is causing problems for the residents besides disrupting smooth traffic on the roads.

Residents of various sectors complained that shopkeepers, push-cart vendors, horse and donkey cart owners have established their permanent setups near waste collection spots on both sides of the roads.

It seems that encroachment ‘mafia’ is strong in certain parts including I-9,I-10,I-11, Peshawar Mor, Aabpara and Melody areas.

“Now you can occasionally see horse and donkey carts running on any road in broad day light,” said Mushtaq, a van driver.

He said that the drivers of these carts do not bother for traffic signals which may cause accident.

Another resident of the G-7/2, Asad Ali said that at Sitara Market garbage spots, some Afghanis come with their horse and donkey carts to collect the waste items in the mid of the city.

A senior citizen of G-6/1 sector, Abdul Rehman said that these donkey-horse cart owners have settled down along Nullahs and Katchi Abadis in the capital.

A horse cart owner, Gulsher Khan said that he daily managed to cross the barrier to enter the city. When contacted, a senior official of Islamabad traffic police said that a comprehensive policy was being finalised to check the entry in the capital.



  1. This leads one to conclude that the list of 15 demands made public by the media a day earlier was probably correct. On Sunday Maulana Abdul Aziz, another member of the Samiul Haq committee

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