Roshni holds winter fest


A winter fest was organized in RoshniVillage to enjoy the season with family and friends of special persons.

Students of Roshni Association performed bhangra on the beat of dhol and enjoyed food items from Roshni Organic Bakery, saag, dahi bhalay and pakoray.

Staff member of Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation for the Disabled (PSRD) and Amin Maktab also visited us and appreciated the efforts of the staff members working with the special persons. Other guests were from Hope Uplift, Medicare, committee members and parents of the students.

Another such event “Roshni Bonfire” was also arranged on 21st December, in the Roshni premises. More than 100 guests attended the event. Amongst them were students of AvecinnaMedicalCollege and family and friends of special adults of Roshni. Donors and other supporters also attended the event. Many guests supported us by buying candles and lighting them to show their appreciation for our cause.  At the event, guests performed bhangra and sang songs with our special persons around the bonfire.

Basic purpose of such events is to promote the abilities of special persons in Pakistan by welcoming people to visit workshops and living community of Roshni Association. This event brought together Special and Ordinary young people and helped raise awareness about the needs and rights of special persons in Pakistan.

Roshni Association is an NGO for the welfare of Special Persons and has been working in this field since 2001. It was founded by Shahida Perveen and her husband Hamid Hannesen to combine the meeting of East and West with an appropriate perspective of people with disabilities and special needs.

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