Lives of cyclists without helmets at risk


Cyclists without the helmets moving in the heavy traffic on the roads of twin cities are putting their lives at risk.

Residents demanded the authority to introduce legislation for ticketing the cycle ridders moving with out wearing helmets.

A number of people daily travel through bicycles across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Majority of cyclist do not bother to wear helmets for their safety as Traffic Ordinance do not carry ticketing or any other punishments for them.

A resident of G/6, Farukh Shah said that it was difficult and risky to run a cycle on roads of capital, particularly on highways having big pressure of traffic. Cycling without the safety measures can lead to fatal head injuries, he added.

He said that number of children are witnessed making cycle stunt at busy roads that is dangerous for their lives. He said that cyclist also disturb the flow of traffic on busy roads.

Another citizen said that only a few people wear helmets but do not care about quality.

Superintendent of Islamabad Traffic Police, Liaqat Niazi told APP that there is no any law in Traffic Ordinance for giving challan tickets to the cyclists.

He said that government should introduce legislation for ticketing cycle ridders on violations of traffic laws.

He said that educational units of ITP are functioning to educate and guiding the people including the cyclists at traffic signals for avoiding accidents.