White Lies


Well, you can’t deny one thing about the senior Sharif. He has a disarming charm about him. His younger brother isn’t a patch on him. Imran Khan, though charming in his own right, has a scowlish, arrogant charm, not this feel-good sort. And former president Zardari’s smile, though plentiful, was never accepted as an honest one.

See the frowns melt away when the premier walks in. It were these people skills that were on display the other day in the National Assembly when Sharif was holding fort.

With some lighthearted overtures towards Imran Khan, he went on to say that he expects an invitation to the former’s house in Bani Gala.

The premier would also want to size up the mansion and compare it to his own digs at Raiwind. Our leaders live in style and they’re not afraid to flaunt it. Perhaps, while they’re at it, they should also take notes of the bungalow in nearby Chak Shehzad, where another former head of government lives.


It runs in the family! Zulfiqar Khosa, yes, the father, not the son, has gotten married again recently. The 79-year-old got married to the 35-year-old granddaughter of the Khan of Kalat.

His son, Dost Muhammad “CM for a little while” Khosa was also embroiled in a marital scandal of his own not too long ago.

Is this a family thing or a party thing? The League, after all, is led in the province by a gentleman quite adept in such matters.


  1. Look at this old feudal marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter. Not all the blue V pills can give the drive to do justice to this 35 year old, or will this be a joint family venture

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