Senator for developing inter-governmental institutions


Support is needed in developing existing inter-governmental institutions for the promotion of cooperative federal practices and to develop experience in conflict resolution at the federal and provincial levels, said Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Chairperson Senator Farah Aqil Shah while addressing the Workshop for Senior Civil Service Officials on “Consolidating Democratic Devolution: Inter-Government Relations, Fiscal Management and Accountability,” organised by PILDAT and Forum of Federations, Canada.

There is much to be done in order to see successful implementation of the constitutional reforms and to literally see the benefits of these constitutional reforms experienced by the people.

Supporting key reforms and strengthening a political transition are vital to internal and regional security and stability.

University of Karachi Pakistan Study Centre Director Prof Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmad briefed the participants on the historical evolution of Pakistan and said that Pakistan’s federalism has evolved over a long period.

Forum of Federations (FoF) Senior Program Adviser Dr Leslie Seidle gave a thorough presentation on the concept of federation and the Inter governmental relations in federal systems. He highlighted cooperative federalism, inter government institutions and processes and inter governmental agreements.

Former Federal Secretary Ahmad M Zahid said that an overly centrist mindset poses the biggest challenge to implementing the devolution processes effectively.