Colonel Meow is dead!


• Colonel Meow died in Los Angeles at two years old from causes that are yet to be released

• He also held the Guinness World Record for cat with the longest hair

One of the most popular cats on an internet rife with felines has died.

Colonel Meow, a Persian-Himalayan mix named for his authoritarian demeanor, was dubbed the ‘World’s Angriest Cat,’ but was beloved nonetheless.

Colonel Meow was just two years old and died in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The cause of his death was not immediately released.

‘Colonel Meow passed away yesterday evening,’ Meow’s owner wrote on the cat’s official Facebook account.

‘I will post more about the details when I’ve had a few days to grieve. Thank you so much for your understanding, Minions. Your love and support has meant the world to us both. -Slave Beast’

Followers of Colonel Meow, whose Facebook page had gained some 350,000 likes, were jokingly referred to as his ‘minions.’ His owner Anne Marie Avey called herself ‘slave-beast.’

Colonel Meow was adopted as a rescue cat after Avey found him on the side of the road in Seattle.


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