Musharraf’s counsel issued notice over prosecution’s demand to summon AFIC chief


The special court, hearing the treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf, on Wednesday issued notice to his lawyers over the prosecuting team’s request to summon the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) chief for cross-examination.
The three-member bench, led by Justice Faisal Arab, was hearing the treason case against the former president.
During the hearing, Musharraf’s counsel Anwar Mansoor told the court that the Supreme Court hearing over the review petition against the court’s July 31, 2009 verdict denouncing the successive military takeovers, their endorsement by the judiciary after declaring Musharraf’s second coup of November 3, 2007 unconstitutional by proclaiming emergency and cancelling appointment of over 100 superior court judges, was underway.
He added that it was imperative for the former president’s legal team to appear in the Supreme Court for the hearing on Wednesday and prayed to the court to adjourn its hearing until the SC issued its verdict over the review petition.
Justice Arab remarked that the court proceedings could not be halted until the court issued a stay order over the matter and further said that the defence team would also have to submit a request for the exemption of Musharraf’s appearance in the special court.
He added that adjournment and exemption from hearing were two separate matters.
Mansoor said that the medical report of the former president had been issued and the request for the exemption of Musharraf’s appearance in court had already been submitted. Mansoor added that he would respond to the prosecuting team’s objections over the report on Thursday (today).
Head of the prosecuting team, Akram Sheikh, told the court that the objections over Musharraf’s medical report had been submitted in writing and that a copy of the objections had also been given to the defence team.
The court then issued a notice to the defence counsel over the prosecuting team’s request to summon Major General Imran Majeed, commandant of the AFIC, for cross-examination.
The notice was received by Mansoor after which the court adjourned the hearing until Thursday (today).