Fazl praises govt for giving dialogue another chance


Chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Fazlur Rehman, on Wednesday welcomed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s policy statement to give dialogue another chance.
On a point of order, the cleric told the House that his party would support the dialogue process with the Taliban terrorists.
He said the nation was confused over what would be the next step of the government to curb terrorism in the country, adding that now the PM’s policy statement cleared the path.
The cleric said all political parties have agreed to go for dialogue with the terrorists to restore peace in the county. He said if the government has decided to go for dialogue then the opponents should not be provoked by harsh language.
He said wrong policies made in 2001 have dragged the country to edge of destruction and Pakistan faces challenges for its survival and existence.
He said the nation and leadership should be united and follow the Islamic guidance to bring the country out of crisis.