Gunship helicopters bombard militant hideouts in NWA


At least two militants were killed in a blitz carried out by Pakistan’s military in Mirali area of North Waziristan tribal region on Monday.

Military gunship helicopters shelled suspected militant hideouts in several areas of Mirali in North Waziristan region, killing two militants and wounding several others.

The identities of the victims and the number of casualties could not be independently verified as the access of media is restricted in the region.

North Waziristan is one of the seven regions in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) governed by tribal laws. An extremist insurgency led by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) plagues the region and the area is known to be infested with militants, including those from Al Qaeda and other armed extremist organisations.

The region, which lies along the Pak-Afghan border, also comes under attacks from US drones frequently which target militant hideouts in the area.


  1. Robust surgical strikes in tit for tat response are in order at the present time. These would be cost effective and reduce unwanted loss of life and unnecessary damage to assets.

    • Yes Dr but these Scum don’t think of unwanted loss of life when they are indiscremnitly killing Women, Children and Elderly. So the Army kills Two in a surgical strike and when these animals launch Cowardly attacks they kill Hundreds of innocent people. The operation should continue until the elimination of these evil low life Pigs.

      • Shan! With due respect to you when most of the politicians in Pakistan are playing a double game and apparently President Karzai being not being very reliable playing to the tunes of the intel agencies unfriendly to Pakistan and Pakistan Army I see little wisdom in all out-strike. (Quite happy to get into further exchange of ideas on this. Thanks)

        • You don’t cut a tree with a razor blade — or shave with an axe …
          Guess what business are you in …

  2. already the beasts are asking for dialogue, even with a very limited action, just imagine if they did not have their friends in PTI and media and an action was taken against them years ago when the entire world was asking pakistan to do that, how many pakistani lives would have been saved and the international goodwill it would have created? Imran Khan and the pakistani media is responsible for all the unneccessary killings of innocent pakistanis during the last several years.

  3. Pakistan was created by people who praised the murderer of a publisher of a book called “Rangeela Rasul”, Pakistan was created for people who believe in the religion that considers the testimony of a woman inferior to the one of a man, the official name of Pakistan is “Islamic Republic of Islam”. Knowing all these facts, how can anyone expect the pakistani media to be rational and the govt. of pakistan to have any sense of what is modernity and civilization all about?

  4. It is good to see that Our forces are responding appropriately to the terrorist. These terrorist have left the whole country in chaos by causing huge loss of life and property. It is important to mention here that ordinary people support the action taken by armed forces. The forces should destroy these monster once for all to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

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