Three held with explosives in Islamabad, 48 held in RWP


Three suspected terrorists were arrested along with 100 kilograms of explosives in a police raid in Islamabad, officers have said on Tuesday.
The arrests follow two lethal attacks on military targets by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in recent days.
Police forces raided the a house in the south-west area of Tarnol and held three suspects along with a recovery of fuses, detonators, wires and other bomb-making materials.
“They had several bags filled with explosives. They had wires and a complete system which can detonate the explosive,” a police official told a news agency, requesting anonymity.
“All three men belong to the tribal areas,” he added.
Investigation Officer Rab Nawaz, confirmed the arrests and recovery of the explosives.
“They had rented a house and had everything they needed to detonate explosives,” Nawaz said.
A case has been registered against the suspects.

Also on Tuesday, Rawalpindi Police arrested 48 suspects in a search operation conducted in Pirwadhai and others areas, private news channel reported.
The operation was led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Rawal Town in Pirwadhai, Fauji Colony, Mehar Colony, Ziaul Haq Colony and other areas of Rawalpindi and 48 suspects were taken in to custody. An unregistered car was also seized in the raids.


  1. Kill the terrorist(TTP,BLA,BRA) on the spot,dont arrest and feed them to be freed by useless courts.Arrest without proper conviction and punishment is toothless,this govt is fooling the masses by enacting powerless laws.
    Once arrested he or she will use laws and courts to get released on false basis and witnesses.
    During critical times like this its is essential to add a section of punishment without going to courts if that person or organisation acts against the country in any manner.

  2. He said the government would ensure that it creates and pursues a clear, balanced and effective sovereign foreign policy to safeguard the country’s national and international interests.

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