Pak Military bombs terrorist hideouts in North Waziristan


Several suspected militant hideouts were trampled by Pakistan’s military’s fighter jets in Mir Ali area of the North Waziristan, killing at least 24 persons and wounding 15 more, various local news channels reported on Tuesday.
The air strike followed a series of terrorist attacks across Pakistan in the past week, including Monday’s blast on a check post in Rawalpindi that martyred 6 army personnel and 7 civilians. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan had claimed the responsibility for the attack. The events had led to a mounting pressure on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take tougher decisions in response to the recent attacks by TTP.
“This hadn’t been planned before, and Pakistan Air Force jets were called to hit hideouts of the militants involved in attacks on security forces,” said one military official speaking on condition of anonymity.
Mir Ali residents were quoted saying 15 people were killed in the bombing that started overnight without any warning. Those attacked could not be shifted to hospitals due to a curfew imposed in the area.
Taliban sources have put the casualties’ toll at 27.
According to military sources, fighter jets had only targeted militant hideouts. The fighter jet strikes were followed by helicopter gunships shelling the targets.
Military strikes were conducted in areas of i Hamzoni village, Mohammadkhel village of Dattakhel tehsil, Shera Tala area, Harmaz village, Moski village and other localities in North Waziristan.
Residents have fled to safer areas in wake of the military operation.
The army was not immediately available for a comment.

Also on Tuesday, unknown militants attacked and set ablaze a security checkpost in Tora Wari area of Doaba town located in Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The attack resulted in at least one security recruit losing his life. The militants fled the scene as the police retaliated with gunfire.
Meanwhile, Tirah Valley area of Khyber tribal region faces an operation by security forces.


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  3. The PM is matchless. He occasionally descends from the sky to receive a award which he does not deserve. After nearly eight months in power he has no strategy in in place viz viz the extremists. He talks the talk but is not prepared to walk the walk. The national assembly is gutless. While sitting in their fortress they pass resolutions of intent but never follow them
    . The army seems to be caught in a no man's land and appears to be ineffective. May i ask who was in charge of logistics which led to the tragic loss of brave soldiers?. The brainiest people seem to be the the extremist who keep on merciless compaigne of bombing to instill fear in every day life. They are the only ones who can define sharia in a islamic country like pakistan. They issue statements in contempt of the Govt. and slowly are bringing it to it's knees..Pakistan is involved in a fourth generational war(asymmetrical war). TTP has studied classsical jihad and the revolutionary wars well.! One does not have to be a west point graduate to understand this. Unfortunately our army is trained to fight the conventional war. It had thirty years to learn the other ones but it lost it's chance..

    • Well said Dr, nevertheless this operation needs to continue on an indefinite basis until each and every enemy of Islam and Pakistan is eliminated whether its TTP or LEJ. This probably won't please the Middle Eastern freinds of the PM the ones who are backing these Scum murderers.

      • The Saudis, the Qataris and the others from ME are funding these terrorists to promote their brand of religion, the Wahabisim, and this has been going on for a long time now. How come no one from these countries speak out against the atrocities that these terrorists have committed on innocent and unarmed civilians? There is no place in Islam for this kind or barbarism. For Pakistan to survive, the cancer of TTP and like has to be eliminated for good, period.

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  5. Great Job Pakistan Air Force. Drive this terrerism out of Pakistan and out of this world for ever. The killers are not muslims but the curse upon our nation. May Allah help you and guide you so you could end this curse for ever.
    A proud Pakistani

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  7. All into the sea, no peace until all of the parliament, including the generals, the TTP are marched into the sea.

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